Traditional Archery Event Management System is dedicated to providing more professional and comprehensive event management services. With this humanized system, “Arrange schedule”, “Races Management” and “Data Management” will be easily to do. Then indirectly promote the traditional archery project.


Designed for traditional archery event

A personal computer equipped with TAEMS-Pro can be used for a medium-sized event scheduling group. Clear and visual windows let the users feel free while they are inputting datas.


Secure & Stable

The shared database design ensures that the backup system can replace the main system while hardware timely raises issuesand effective manner without interrupting the events.


Support team work

Team is so important to do a big work. Therefore, TAEMS built "Post Office" insided which based on HTTP technique under local LAN, so that team members could synchronized transfer their records. In a poor network environment, they could transfer data through U-disk also.

Plans for Customers



Everyone is free to use TAEMS-Lite forever! You can invite as much as your friends to join you and support your work.

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FreeFirst Time Login

Each account has the rights to login TAEMS-Pro once. You can experience TAEMS-Pro before you decide to purchase.

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If you have any questions about plans for customers, please email to us!